The Best Flight Booking Sites

We all go through similar steps while planning a vacation . It will start with searching for cheap flights, planning itinerary, looking for budget hotels,finding car rental deals and wishing to get a steal deal on anything or everything. Gone are the days when people used to contact travel agents (some people still do and I don’t know why) and  be at their mercy to find cheap and affordable options. With world wide web in our pocket and internet on our finger tips, we can browse through websites with travel deals anytime we want. After a lot of research and booking experiences , I have created a list of websites to help you plan your next budget travel. I hope you’ll make good use of these resources to save money on online travel booking.

 I have used many of these websites myself and sites here that I haven’t personally used, I have put in a lot of time and effort to make sure each of them has the best deals.

kayak: This is often my first stop when I search for cheap airfares. Kayak searches over 140+ airlines and travel agencies (including,,,, and other big airfare search engines) to aggregate the best flight deals all in one place.

 hotwireA site that gives you best deals in flights, hotels and car booking. Hotwire offers unsold inventory at big discounts and even though the specific details are disclosed at the time of check in , the surprise is usually pleasant.

 sta :  With special discounts offered to students, teachers and youngsters under 26 years of age, this website is student’s favorite.

dohop A comprehensive air search website. You can find very good deals at times on this website.


getgoinglogo : This website gives a very unique user experience. It is designed for budget travelers who are flexible with their destination choice.e.g. If you plan to go to South America but don’t know which place will have cheaper tickets (Bolivia, Peru, Nicargua etc.), this website will give you flights to all possible destinations in South America with airfare. I loved the concept don’t you think??

lastminute : Best travel ideas come very last minute and I think that is what makers of this website were thinking while designing it. I have been able to get some very cheap deals on this website.  If you want to book a vacation for this weekend or grab a flight for tomorrow, start your search here for the best prices on last minute deals.

vayama : A comprehensive search engine that offers  you a lower price for “secret seat” that gets disclosed at the very end. I once found a very cheap deal for my Seychelles trip on Vayama and ever since then it is my go to site.


wegolologo : Wegolo will help you in finding “all-in” fares so  that you get no surprise taxes and fees on your checkouts. It does not support bookings over the phone but gives you the liberty of combining out- and inbound flights with 2 different airlines and select the optimum departure/arriving schedules or airports.

yapta : This website is true to its motto : “Prices drop . We Alert. You Save”.  If you serious about money saving on your airline tickets this website has to be bookmarked. After you purchase the ticket , Yapta informs you of price fluctuation  giving you a chance to get a refund of the difference from the airline.

orbitz : Airfare search portal assuring lowest price guaranteed. If another customer books the same flight on Orbitz at a lower price, you’ll automatically be issued a refund for the difference.

flylogo : A powerful flight search engine powered by TravelZoo,  provides a clean and simple interfaceto its users to browse through deals. I like the fact that it does not give any pop ups , is clutter free  and gives very neat experience.

bingtravel : In order to create a new search identity Microsoft bought Farecast and re-branded it as Bing Travel. Bing Travel differentiates by offering predictions on when is the best time to purchase airline tickets.


 priceline_logo : While Priceline is a full-fledged booking engine, it’s most valuable for its bidding system called “Name your own price”. I am sure most of you are already aware of this search engine.

 farecompare : Tired of going on individual websites and search for cheap airfares, farecompare gives you option of comparing 3 websites at a time.

cheapoair : A comprehensive airfare search engine which shows prices excluding taxes.

skyscannerLogo : A good airfare search engine . The site is only a scanner for flights and not a booking site.I use skyscanner just to get a comparison but book directly with the airline.


momondo_logo : I like the fact this website breaks the monotinity of every search engine.  It provides an overview of available travel services on the internet and refers its users to travel providers.The technology of momondo enables its users to gain insight into the prices of airplane tickets and to get an assessment of the attractiveness of a flight ticket based on its price and travel time. A major reason Momondo ranks higher than travel sites like Expedia, Orbitz, or Travelocity is that it allows people to book directly with the travel provider (Hilton or Delta Air Lines, for example), which permits the traveler to receive the appropriate loyalty miles or points.

I hope the list of websites above help you in finding cheapest flight to your favorite  destinations. My goal is to build up and expand this list with readers inputs. What site do you use to find the perfect flight price? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for stopping by . 


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