IMG_7174My name is Kanika. I’m 28 years old . I was born in Chandigarh,India and currently living in Boston, USA with my loving husband. I am a Database Administrator by profession but since that is not exciting enough for me I like to  travel, dance and cook . I have recently become a fitness freak, thanks to my friends who inspired me. My husband is my strength and he propels me to do different in life.  I am:

  • Extrovert : I’ll be probably first one to start a conversation in a room. I love to make new friends. While I enjoy having people around me, I like to have my alone time too.
  • Defiant : I do not like others dictating my life. I dislike those who tell me  what I can and can’t do. I do what I like and I live the way I want on my terms.
  • Experimental : I like trying new things. If it is a recipe , I will be excited to try it. If it is a game or sport, I will try giving it a shot.
  • Witty : I have my on punchlines for anything and everything (at times inappropriate).
  • Loving : I love my family and friends and I am possessive.
  • God Fearing. For me God is one and supreme power who guides our actions. I am not very religious but definitely, God fearing.
  • Neat Freak : It has to be my way and I think its the perfect way.
  • Vegetarian: Meat free since 2008. (This is something I am very proud of myself.)

So here I am just starting to blog and share my enthusiasm and passion  with everyone.I am constantly analyzing my life and my beliefs and when I’ve had that insightful moment, I’ll share.  I hope my experiences help others.


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